“How long must women wait for liberty?”

January 8-10 2020

Université de Lille and Université Paris-Est Marne-la-Vallée

Organizing committee : Audrey Célestine (CERAPS, IUF, Université de Lille), Claire Delahaye (LISAA, Université Paris-Est Marne-la-Vallée), Simon Grivet (CECILLE, Université de Lille)
Nicolas Martin-Breteau  (CECILLE, Université de Lille), Hélène Quanquin (CECILLE, Université de Lille) Fatma Ramdani (CECILLE, Université de Lille)

Wednesday, January 8, Lille

8h30 Registration

9h15 Welcoming remarks

9h30-11h00 PANEL 1
The Conflicting Genealogies and Legacies of the Nineteenth Amendment
, chair: MARTHA JONES (Johns Hopkins University)

“Defining the Political Community of the Nineteenth Amendment”, FRANITA TOLSON (University of Southern California)

“A Genealogy of the Nineteenth Amendment: Details Forgotten and the Difference They Make”, LISA TETRAULT (Carnegie Mellon University)

“‘To Bury the Woman and the Negro in the Citizen:’ Fantasies of American Citizenship and the 19th Amendment”, KATHI KERN (University of Kentucky)

11h00-11h30 coffee break

11h30-13h00 PANEL 2
Reconsidering the Centrality of Suffrage in the Women’s Rights Movement
, chair: OLIVIER ESTEVES (Université de Lille)

“Why Suffrage? A Reconsideration of the Nineteenth-Century American Women’s Rights Movement”, CAROL FAULKNER (Syracuse University)

“‘No Other Plank’: Suffragists and the Birth Control Question”, LAUREN MACIVOR THOMPSON (Georgia State University)

13h00-14h30 lunch break

14h30-15h45 PLENARY
Martha Jones, Johns Hopkins University, “Vanguard: African American Women and the Long History of American Voting Rights.”
, chair: HÉLÈNE QUANQUIN (Université de Lille)

15h45-16h15 coffee break

16h15-18h30 PANEL 3
Contrasting the Territories of Woman Suffrage in the West and South
, chair: SIMON GRIVET (Université de Lille)

“Path(s) to Suffrage?: Female Enfranchisement in the Northern Plains States to 1920”, GERRY BOYCHUK (University of Waterloo)

“White Woman Suffrage and Settler Colonialism: Wyoming, 1869”, VIRGINIA SCHARFF (University of New Mexico)

“The Most Paradoxical Amendment? The 19th Amendment and the NAWSA Southern Strategy”, OLIVIER RICHOMME (Université Lyon 2)

“Centering Southern Black Women in the Fight for Voting Rights Following the 19th Amendment”, BRIANA ROYSTER (New York University)

“‘Suffrage for Negro Women”: Alabama Clubwomen and the Quest for Suffrage, 1895 to 1920”, LA-KISHA EMMANUEL (University of Alabama)

Thursday, January 9, Lille

9h00-10h30 PANEL 4
Articulating Political and Economic Citizen- ship in the Women’s Rights Movement
, chair: EVELYNE PAYEN-VARIÉRAS (Université Sorbonne Nouvelle)

“Business-Owners and Breadwinners: The Work of the Women’s Educational and Industrial Union of Boston Towards Economic Independence (1870s-1910s)”, JEANNE BOITEUX (Université Sorbonne Nouvelle)

“Reflections for the History of Women Shareholders in the Struggle for Woman Suffrage in the United States (1870s-1920)”, ALEXIA BLIN (Université Sorbonne Nouvelle)

“‘I’se Suffragistin’ Right Now”: African American Women, the Fight for Economic Justice, and the Limits of Women’s Suffrage in the 1920s”, SHENNETTE M. GARRETT-SCOTT (University of Mississippi)

10h30-11h00 coffee break

11h00-12h30 PANEL 5
Challenging Dominant Ideologies and Male Politics in the Women’s Rights Movement
, chair: PAULINE PERETZ (Université Paris 8)

“Women Voters and Male Violence in Antebellum America”, ANDREW WENDER COHEN (Syracuse University)

“Is It Merely a Political Problem? Woman Suffrage and the Populist Movement in the 1880s and the 1890s”, JEAN-LOUIS MARIN-LAMELLET (Université Savoie-Mont-Blanc)

“Suffragist Turned Spy: Juliet Stuart Poyntz, the Vote, and Socialism”, DENISE LYNN (University of Southern Indiana)

12h30-14h00 lunch break

14H00-16h00 ROUNDTABLE 1 Woman Suffrage, Race and Class chairs: CLAIRE DELAHAYE (Université Paris Est-Marne-la- Vallée),
NICOLAS MARTIN-BRETEAU (Université de Lille) participants:LIETTE GIDLOW (Wayne State University), LARA VAPNECK (St John’s University)

Friday, January 10, Champs sur Marne

8h45 Registration and welcoming remarks

9h30-11h00 PANEL 6
Exploring the Unfinished Battle of Black Women for African American Voting Rights
, chair: MAME-FATOU NIANG (Carnegie Mellon University)

“From Ida B. Wells to Stacey Abrams: The Alpha Suffrage Club, Fair Fight Action, and Black Women’s Long Struggle to Secure African American Voting Rights”, BRITTNEY C. COOPER (Rutgers University)

“Satin Glove Suffrage: Black Socialite Activists and Voting Rights in WWII-Era Harlem”, TANISHA C. FORD (University of Delaware)

“‘I Ain’t Wearin’ White to Vote’: Historical and Contemporary Cultural Politics of African American Women’s Suffrage Activism”, TREVA B. LINDSEY (The Ohio State University)

11h00-11h30 coffee break

11h30-12h45 PLENARY , ROGERS SMITH (University of Pennsylvania),
“Long After Suffrage: Gender Differences and the Quest for Equal Citizenship”, chair: AUDREY CÉLESTINE (Université de Lille)

12h45-14h15 lunch break

14h15-15h45 PANEL 7
Visualizing and Reframing American Women’s Suffrage Struggle
, chair: CAMILLE ROUQUET (Université Cergy-Pontoise)

“Exhibiting Suffrage”, SARAH GORDON, JOANNA SCUTTS(New York Historical Society’s Center for Women’s History)

“The Visual Culture of the Woman Suffrage Movement”, ALLISON LANGE (Wentworth Institute of Technology)

«No Longer in the Margins: The Role of Suffrage in Reframing American History», KATE CLARKE LEMAY ( National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institution)

15h45-16h00 coffee break

16h00-18h00 ROUNDTABLE 2 Transnational Perspectives on Women’s Citizenship, chairs :AUDREY CÉLESTINE (Université de Lille), FATMA RAMDANI (Université de Lille), participants:MYRIAM COTTIAS (CNRS, LC2S), SAM ERMAN (University of Southern California), MAME-FATOU NIANG (Carnegie Mellon University), JUDY TZU-CHUN WU (University of California)

18h00-18h15 Concluding remarks

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